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Using quantum mechanics to unlock the secrets of coral

By • July 27th, 2018

Biomineralisation is one of the most important processes for mineral formation in the natural world – taking place in everything from coral reefs to bones and teeth in the human body. One of the most widespread of these minerals is calcium carbonate. Despite being so prevalent, relatively little is known about the formation of thesemore…

Multiphase interactions in gas-solid riser and gas-liquid bubble column

By • June 19th, 2015

Part-I: Dilute gas-solid flow in riser reveals complex gas-particle interactions that lead to formation of particle clusters. In this project, an impact of gas-particle interactions and various interparticle forces on the formation of the clusters will be investigated. Part-II: Efforts will be made to enhance our understanding on the onset of the churn turbulence regimemore…

Large scale molecular dynamics simulations of macrobiomolecular complexes

By • February 18th, 2015
Large scale molecular dynamics simulations of macrobiomolecular complexes

This project aims to use large scale computer simulation methods to describe the behaviour of a range of molecules of biological interest, such as cell membranes, polymeric nanoparticles and protein complexes. These biomolecular systems have importance for our understanding of (1) cell damage during cryopreservation and dehydration, (2) the delivery of drug molecules to targetedmore…

Fundamental Understanding of the Role of Single Molecular Oxygen in Spontaneous fires

By • February 18th, 2015

Some chemical reactions can occur spontaneously at room temperature, leading to self-heating, ignition and fires that result in loss of life and significant damage to Australian industries. In this project, we will identify these chemical reactions, and will develop new technologies to interrupt them to avoid spontaneous fires. AIMS: To determine the origin of themore…

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