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WA scientists play key role in gravitational wave discovery 12/02/2016

Recalibrating fire warning science 29/01/2016

30-year Climate Models Help Predict Future Bushfire Threats 19/01/2016

Modeling could predict future bushfire danger 15/01/2016

12 International Student Teams to Face Off at HPCAC-ISC 2016 Student Cluster Competition 12/12/2015

Michelle Fitzgerald, Mike Briers, Michael Aitken and the big-data pioneers 11/12/2015

China’s Team Diablo Turns Up the Heat to Win SC15 Student Cluster Competition 18/11/2015

China nearly triples number of supercomputers, report says 17/11/2015

How An Australian Supercomputer Helps Fight Flies That Ravage Crops for 700 Million People 17/10/2015

Perth supercomputer powers world hunger fight to eradicate devastating whitefly from Africa 12/10/2015

University of WA researcher speaks to United Nations about plan to tackle world hunger 6/10/2015

The smart way to short circuit a city’s problems 26/09/2015

Bombora Wavepower moves to field trials 04/09/2015

STARS SNUFFED in massive galactic whodunit 20/07/2015

The Square Kilometre Array: radio silence in Western Australia for most powerful telescope in history 17/07/2015

Fess up: which one of you Galaxies made all that gas? 18/06/2015

Computer has numbers for extra funding 02/06/2015

Pawsey Supercomputing Centre receives $21.6m funding 27/05/2015

World’s most powerful telescope, the Square Kilometre Array, set for Murchison in regional WA 21/05/2015

NeCTAR gets $4.9m from government 14/05/2015

Budget 2015: Government unlocks funding for research infrastructure 12/05/2015

SKA project aims to break ground in 2018 11/05/2015

Western Australia looks past resources to future tech boom 11/05/2015

Big data keeping track of bushfires 24/04/2015

Big data part of big plan for WA’s marine future 24/04/2015

Radio astronomy backed by big data projects 21/04/2015

Big data opens up vast frontiers in genetic research 20/04/2015

Funding doubt threatens Australia’s compute clout 25/03/2015

Science and business coming together in the Mid West 25/02/2015

Unlocking the mystery of the first billion years of the universe 18/02/2015

Aussies Use CSIRO Supercomputer to Diagnose Sudden Death Heart Conditions 2/02/2015

Inside WA’s biggest “brain” 02/12/2015

Supercomputer helps to unspool the cosmic web 22/11/2014

iVEC’s Magnus crashes Top 50 19/11/2014

Pawsey Magnus supercomputer packs petascale prowess 19/11/2014

Pawsey Centre challenges Australia’s elite scientists 01/10/2014

Pawsey powerhouse schedules first projects 29/09/2014

Magnus supercomputer offered up to ‘Petascale pioneers’ 29/09/2014

Magnus Supercomputer Powers Petascale Pioneers Down Under 25/09/2014

Supercomputer ushers in new era of Australian research 25/09/2014

Pawsey Supercomputing Centre Upgrades Magnus 12/09/2014

Pawsey Supercomputing Centre achieves petascale capability 11/09/2014

Pawsey Supercomputing Centre goes petascale 09/09/2014

Intel’s new 18-core Xeon processor sparks server blitz 09/09/2014

Pawsey rigs up petascale supercomputer 09/09/2014

What’s it like to unbox a supercomputer? Surprisingly, just like unboxing a normal PC 01/08/2014

Photos: Unboxing the Magnus supercomputer 30/07/2014

iVEC to boost Pawsey supercomputing power 19/05/2014

35,000-core Aussie Supercomputer to Feature ‘Haswell’ Chips 13/05/2014

Australia to build 35,000-core supercomputer on Xeon-E5-2600 v3 11/05/2014

iVEC to Deploy Fastest System in Southern Hemisphere 08/05/2014

Centre to crunch SKA numbers 26/11/2013

Pawsey Centre already pushing boundaries of science research 18/11/2013

Pawsey Centre supercomputing facility powers up for research 16/11/2013

Super computer to process data from the Square Kilometre Array telescope opens in Perth 15/11/2013

Premier Barnett Officially Opens Pawsey Centre 15/11/2013

WA’s super computer launched 15/11/2013

Pawsey Supercomputer Centre Operations Launched 15/11/2013

A supercomputer with byte 15/11/2013

WA enters new science era with supercomputer 15/11/2013

Supercomputer sights set for stargazing 15/11/2013

In pictures: Pawsey Centre 14/11/2013

Super fast computer a world leader 14/11/2013

Pawsey super-computing centre formally operational 12/11/2013

NeCTAR research cloud spreads across Australia 06/11/2013

Work Towards Largest Telescope Contracts Awarded 05/11/2013

Supersized cooling solution for supercomputer 14/10/2013

Australia’s guide to the galaxy 05/09/2013

Gravity variations over Earth much bigger than previously thought 04/09/2013

SKA precursor starts firehosing astrodata to the world 24/07/2013

WA’s supercomputing nerve centre takes shape 16/05/2013

Supercomputer power to be realised by WA businesses 01/05/2013

Online storage supports ASKAP, MWA projects 01/05/2013

SGI Provides Massive Storage for Australian Supercomputer 30/04/2013

SGI to Provide Massive Data Storage Capability for the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder 29/04/2013

Two new supers go live in Oz 09/04/2013

Supercomputers need long-term funding 09/04/2013

Inside the Pawsey supercomputing centre 08/04/2013

Pawsey supercomputer to be cooled by local groundwater 18/03/2013

Dark matter movie finds worldwide audience 15/03/2013

Geothermal solution for cooling a supercomputer 12/03/2013

iVEC@Curtin created to enhance research 12/03/2013

New research facility in WA will help support cloud uptake 12/03/2013

Curtin sets up supercomputing helpdesk 12/03/2013

iVEC@Curtin creates one-stop-shop for IT services 12/03/2013

A supercomputer processing vast amounts of data from the Square Kilometre Array precursor project in Western Australia will be cooled using geothermal energy under a $20 million CSIRO project. 22 /02/2013

Renewable energy cooling for supercomputer 01/03/2013

Cooling solution for supercomputer heralds new age in renewable energy 23/02/2013

WA Chemistry Prof wins Aminoff prize for molecule research 22/11/2012

Supercomputer set to facilitate WA innovation 01/11/2012

New technique using GPU-based computer to detect gravity wave signals 09/10/2012

iVEC comes to ECU 21/09/2012

More cloudy goodness in NeCTAR funding round 11/09/2012

Accolade for ICT Pioneer Bryce 22/08/2012

Pawsey Centre adds another supercomputer 06/08/2012

New supercomputer bolsters world’s biggest radio telescope 03/08/2012

Furnace dwarfs office computers 04/08/2012

WA to be top global supercomputing centre 03/08/2012

Fornax to fire up WA computer research 03/08/2012

Cray bags $21m Cascade super deal down under 24/07/2012

Supercomputer to be installed at the Pawsey Centre in Perth 20/07/2012

Pawsey Centre to get petascale Cray machine 20/07/2012

Pawsey Centre home to new supercomputer 20/07/2012

Australian Pawsey Centre to Install Cray Cascade Super for High-powered Astronomy 20/07/2012

Perth supercomputer a ‘modern moon walk’ 20/07/2012

Supercomputer to uncover space secrets 20/07/2012

Pawsey Project grows supercomputing team 10/07/2012

Galactic WA score 27/06/2012

Cray Signs Contract to Install Cascade Supercomputer and Sonexion Storage System at the Pawsey Centre21/06/2012

Joseph Pawsey’s career in radio astronomy recognised 01/06/2012

Perth gears up supercomputer for SKA 19/06/2012

SKA supercomputer to call Kensington home 18/06/2012

Installing a new supercomputer: timelapse 23/01/12

UWA installs Fornax supercomputer 20/01/12

Channel 7 Aussie Invader interview 29/12/11

iVEC Selects SGI to Accelerate Radio Astronomy Research 20/12/11

CSIRO kicks off search for petascale supercomputer 23/11/12

Behind iVEC’s ‘big science’ supercomputer 20/10/11

iVEC acquires Fornax supercomputer 28/09/11

3D geo-imaging helps plan CO2 storage hub 07/11/11

Behind iVEC’s ‘big science’ supercomputer 10/10/11

Australian Supercomputer Ushers In New Era of Data-Intensive Research at iVEC 05/10/11

UWA joins global supercomputing ranks 05/10/11

Archaeologist discovers 2,000 sites from thousands of miles away 10/06/11

New Supercomputer Adds More Grunt To Aussie Square Kilometre Array Bid 30/09/11

Meet Fornax: Western Australia’s Newest Supercomputer 30/09/11

Another Super for Aussie Research 28/09/11

iVEC acquires Fornax supercomputer 28/09/11

Bid to star in Square Kilometre Array big data challenge 16/08/11

Geraldton and surrounds first to receive high speed wireless 11/08/11

Epic supercomputing projects revealed 21/06/11

iVEC@Murdoch Supercomputer opens 16/06/11

Murdoch supercomputer hangs out its shingle 10/06/11

Supercomputer to help Australia reach for the stars 10/06/11

Murdoch supercomputer welcomes new users 09/06/11

WA shells out for supercomputer expertise 09/06/11

iVEC@Murdoch Supercomputer launched 09/06/11

$80m centre to aid in computer space search: Pawsey Centre Project 31/05/2011

iVEC seeks input on petascale Pawsey site 19/05/2011

iVEC to build second Pawsey supercomputing site 18/05/11

Taking a random walk in the quantum world 09/05/11

WWI comes alive in 3D 11/05/11

UWA and iVEC crunching fishy numbers 11/04/11

The serious issue of science communication 01/02/11

War of the sexes, in plants 21/01/11

iVEC slips into Top 100 computers on the planet 16/12/10

Examining ACL injuries in 3D 16/12/10

Perth supercomputers feed Rosco’s need for speed 16/12/10

A brief history of 3D TV 09/12/10

Oz could reach top 20 of supercomputers 19/11/2010

iVEC to build to build second Pawsey supercomputing site 7/12/10

Perth supercomputer soars into world’s top 100 18/11/10

Advancing mining ‘at the coalface’ 30/09/10

The Hitchhikers guide to building a galaxy 16/09/10

Christmas comes early at iVEC 12/08/10

Australia’s iVEC Announces New POD from HP 04/08/10

WA research lab buys new supercomputer 09/08/10

Australia’s IVEC adds a pod from HP 08/08/10

Shipping container fuels Australia’s bid to be supercomputing power 09/08/10