The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre


Multi-scale four-dimensional large scale tectonics and genesis, transfer and focus of fluids

This project combines geological, geophysical, geochemical and numerical efforts that take place at the moment at Centre for Exploration Targeting. It takes on a holistic approach to ore deposit research, acknowledging that the genesis of mineral occurrences required the conjunction in time and space of three main independent parameters, including fertility, lithosphere-scale architecture, and favourable transient geodynamics.

The main question asked in the part of the project that will utilise iVEC facilities.
1. Architecture: what are the key pathways that connect geochemical reservoirs and permit the efficient multi-scale flux of energy and fluids in space and time?
2. Transient geodynamics: what are the critical tectono-metamorphic events that favour the efficient extraction of metals from a fertile source and their focused concentration into a final reservoir?

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