The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre


GPU Accelerated Gravitational Wave Signal Processing

We propose to apply Fornax and future Pawsey Supercomputing Centre GPU facilities to continue our on-going development of the GPU-accelerated gravitational wave (GW) search pipeline.   This pipeline will be used for one of the prioritised searches for the first science run of the advanced GW detectors in the US and in Europe starting September 2015.

We are now in the phase of conducting intensive pre-science run testing for the pipeline’s performance and stability. The goal is to enable gravitational waves to be detected in real time and to enable prompt follow-up observations by other telescopes.  We expect that in the short term, we will continue to generate high impact scientific output on techniques to accelerate real-time data processing using GPUs. In the long run,  we will apply the GPU-enable GW search pipeline to search for GWs in real time using data from advanced GW detectors.   This will possibly lead to the first detection of GWs and the identification of their electromagnetic counterparts.

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