The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre


Geophysical and Environmental Computational Fluid Dynamics Research

For this project, we’ll conduct computational fluid dynamics research at small (<1 m), coastal (10-1000 m) and regional (1-1000 km) scales to better understand a number of ocean transport phenomena. At small scales, we will perform highly-resolved numerical simulations to quantify energy dissipation and particle capture in flow through aquatic canopies. This will help us to understand the impact of hydrodynamics on the productivity of valuable ecosystems such as coral reefs and seagrass meadows, and to improve predictions of coastal protection provided by aquatic vegetation. At larger scales, we’ll investigate the complex role that ocean dynamics play in regulating the physical and biogeochemical ocean conditions within key marine ecosystems along Western Australia. Highly-resolved ocean simulations will be used to examine how complex, nonlinear ocean processes directly impact northwest coastal ecosystems at Ningaloo, Pilbara and the Kimberley coast.

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