The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre


Finite Difference/Finite Element modeling of elastic waves

This project continues the project geosciences773  of 2014. Seismic imaging of geological environments is very challenging and requires new and/or modified algorithms to be produced and tested for a range of geological models and elastic rock properties. The testing of these algorithms requires seismic reference datasets on which their success or failure can be evaluated. Such seismic reference datasets do not exist for hard rock environments but they are an essential component for meaningful evaluation of new and improved imaging algorithms.

As well as testing the algorithms, this project will generate the synthetic seismic reference datasets by (FD and/or FE) forward modelling of several geological models representing different environments. The open source seismic modelling code SEISMIC_CPML Version 1.1.1 ( November 2009.) , written by  Dimitri Komatitsch from the Laboratory of Mechanics and Acoustics CNRS/University of Aix-Marseille France, has been tested on Fornax (geosciences773).  The FE program is written GPU-based (OPENACC) in house.

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