The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre


Enhanced Simulations of Meteorological and Environmental Processes

WRF is primarily used for modelling and forecasting weather and its evolution. The prime application is modelling Western Australian tropical cyclones and improving the accuracy of forecasts by comparing against post-analysis and best track data. Tropical cyclone genesis is a key area of research since this provide advance warning to offshore operators who may be impacted by severe weather systems. A further area of interest is in studying the sensitivity of these systems to climate change; in particular sea surface temperature.
WRF also predicts precipitation. The package SEGMENT-Landslide [written by Assoc Prof Ren] utilises severe rainfall data to study the initiation of Landslides. The package isa full-physical model based on the 7 Navier -Stokes equations. The intention is to extend the study of a range of international sites where instabilities are know to exist either because of steep slopes or land clearing.

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