The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre


Electromagnetic Structure of Matter

Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD) is the fundamental quantum field theory of the Standard Model of the Universe.  It describes the interactions between quarks and gluons as they compose particles such as the proton and neutron.  Supercomputer simulations on a space-time lattice provide the only first-principles approach to revealing the properties of QCD and the manner in which it constructs the world around us.  The need for a fine lattice spacing and a large physical volume leads to large lattices.  Fortunately, numerical simulations of QCD are highly parallel, making them ideally suited to the GPGPU platform. This investigation merges new advances in lattice simulations of QCD, which provide access to the elusive light quark-mass regime, with proven techniques for revealing the electromagnetic structure of matter and the essence of QCD vacuum structure. With world-competitive supercomputer resources, we will reveal the manner in which quarks and gluon construct our universe.

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