The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre


ECU Render farm 2015

Creating a render farm for Autodesk Maya files enabling Game Design & Animation students to render out animation files utilising the higher end features of the Mental Ray render engine. Features such as Global Illumination & Final Gather take too long to render (sometimes over 5 hours for a single frame) so a render farm would enable students to create scenes & animations where the limits are their imaginations rather than the constraints of the machine they are setting their scenes up in. It is also envisaged that students will be able to use the Maya software renderer & the new Turtle renderer on the render farm.

Last years experience with the render farm on Fornax was a very valuable learning experience for the students and this year we intend to expand the use of HPC resources to our modelling students to enable a deeper understanding of the process of using networked render applications.

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