The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre


Computational Anaylsis of whole-genome sequences of fungal pathogens

Computational analysis of the whole-genome sequences of fungal pathogens has led to many improvements in molecular plant pathology – which translates to better control of diseases affecting agricultural crops such including wheat and rice.  In the last decade, “pathogenomics” has improved the understanding of gene content, protein properties and enzymatic functions for several pathogens.  Pathogens studied at the CCDM possess a battery of molecules termed “effectors”, which disarm plant defences by either masking their presence or killing the host cell.  Identification of pathogenicity effectors is key in developing resistance strategies and bioinformatics is one of the primary methods of predicting the genes responsible for their production.  By discovering the battery of effector molecules produced by a pathogen, effective strategies for the management of crop diseases can be developed.

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