The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre


Beach slope prediction of thickened tailings using the CFD method

Thickened tailings disposal is gaining in popularity because of its inherent advantages over conventional tailings disposal. One method of investigating the beach profile is to use a laboratory flume test. Although this method has been utilised for conventional tailings successfully for many years, it tends to yield much steeper beach slopes than what is measured for thickened tailings in the field. Both experimental and theoretical methods have been used to interpret the enormous disparity of beach slopes of thickened tailings between flume test and field. However, little work to date has been done by using the CFD method. To develop a comprehensive understanding of the flume test for thickened tailings, a series of simulations of flume tests will be carried out using ANSYS FLUENT. This work may highlight factors that have previously been neglected when interpreting flume test data, thereby contributing to future work on interpretation of flume test data.

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