The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre


Australian Regional Environmental Remote Sensing

This project aims to improve Australian research community capacity and research quality in environmental remote sensing of ocean, shallow water coastal, land/biosphere and atmospheric domains.

Current major tasks are providing environmental data to the Kimberley Marine Research Program (KMRP), processing and providing ocean colour data to the Western Australian Marine Science Institute (WAMSI) Dredge Node to improve the understanding of dredge affects on the local environment.

There will be an extension of our current development, focused on the NASA MODIS sensors, to the NOAA Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR), the hyperspectral sensor Hyperion, the Visible/Infrared Imager Radiometer Suite (VIIRS), Landsat 8 visible and thermal instruments and general extension to airborne hyperspectral observations in the visible (Eagle) , near infrared (Hawke) and the thermal infrared (Owl).

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