The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre


Australian Collaboration of Gravitational Wave Signal Processing

We will use Magnus for an Australia-wide collaboration to develop methods and pipelines to detect gravitational waves (GWs) using data from GW detectors.    We will (1) develop and test the offline search pipelines for GWs from binaries neutron stars and black holes – as a parallel development for the GPU accelerated online search;   (2) search for periodic GW signals from rapidly rotating neutron stars; and (3) search for nanohertz GWs in the radio timing data of millisecond pulsars.  We  will use the developed pipelines to conduct prioritised searches for GWs for the first science run of the advanced GW detectors in the US starting September 2015.  Magnus will be used for the intensive tests for the pipeline’s performance, stability,  and to develop new technology.   This effort could possibly lead to the first detection of GWs and the identification of their electromagnetic counterparts.  Magnus will also be used for large simulations to test new techniques to detect nanohertz GWs.

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