The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre


Cabinet Artwork

The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre selected these images to adorn the Pawsey Centre supercomputers in homage to our close connection to the north-west of Western Australia. The two areas of science that the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre supports most closely are the geosciences and radio astronomy, and we wanted to choose art that thematically reflected both the ground below and the sky above. In addition, the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre has a close relationship with the Murchison Radio Astronomy through our handling of its radio astronomy data, and we wanted to work with indigenous artists who had a close personal relationship with that region. These two pieces capture the unique spirit of the north-west and pay homage to the knowledge held by the earliest Australians about the stars in their sky.






















Margaret Whitehurst

SKA Satellites on the Murchison – 120x120cm Yamaji Art

Margaret was born on Billabalong Station in the Murchison and is a Wajarri woman.
She is the second of seven children. Her childhood was spent swimming and fishing in the Murchison River and she went to school at the Tardun Mission School. Her inspiration comes from the works of other Aboriginal artists and her Auntie Olive Boddington. She came to painting later in life and has only been working as an artist since joining Wila Gutharra Art Talk five years ago. Margaret is the mother of seven children herself and is an industrious and prolific artist. Her current works are reflections of Yamaji country. Margaret now lives in Geraldton Western Australia.











































Jesse Pickett
1. Rainbow Serpent and the Moon – 56×55.5 cm 2. The Sun – 56×55.5 cm Yamaji Art

Jesse was born in Quirading – East of Perth in Western Australia. He has been painting from an early age, taught by his father. Both sides of his family paint and draw.

“As a way to express culture is why I create” Jesse said.

About the paintings he said “The Rainbow Serpent and the Moon are connected together due to the Wagu (Rainbow Serpent) creating water and the moon moving it to create life.

“The Sun is giving life to every living thing on earth.”