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Pawsey Centre



The Pawsey Centre is a 1000 square metre purpose-built supercomputing centre at the Western Australian Technology Park in Kensington. The facility, situated on land adjacent to the Australian Resources Research Centre, is owned by CSIRO and managed by the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre.

The Pawsey Centre primarily hosts remotely accessed and real-time processing infrastructure.

The Centre also houses the Office of the Executive Director.

If you have an interest in the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre’s activities and would like to request a visit to the Pawsey Centre, please email

Facility Resources and Services

Infrastructure (late 2014)

  • Magnus, Cray supercomputer for general use – most powerful scientific supercomputer in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • Galaxy, Cray real-time supercomputer for operational radio astronomy.
  • SGI hierarchical data storage system, backed by SpectraLogic tape libraries.
  • Zeus, SGI remote visualisation and virtual machines capability.  This includes a 6TB shared memory UV2000.
  • Western Australian node of NeCTAR Research Cloud, providing a wide range of compute solutions for research.
  • Western Australian node of the Research Data Storage Infrastructure (RDSI) Project – linking Pawsey to a national network of distributed research data stores.
  • 10Gbps external network connectivity and internal Infiniband fabric connecting the above resources.
  • A unique geothermal cooling system for removing heat from the supercomputer with no net loss of groundwater.



Cabinet Artwork

Geothermal Cooling System

For more information:

Brad Evans
Acting Head of Centre Operations / Service Manager

Burvill Ct,
Kensington, WA  6151

Phone: +61 8 6436 8796