The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre


Murdoch Visualisation

The Bioinformatics Research Laboratory (BRL) has an immersive display wall of more than 18 megapixels. Display wall solutions are used for high-resolution imagery, animation, information display or visualisation.

Such functions are well suited to the analysis of complex biological data where both high volumes of data and high levels of detail are required simultaneously for effective interaction.


The Display Wall’s primary benefit is to allow groups to collaboratively and simultaneously examine highly detailed imagery and large amounts of information in a coordinated way.

The Display Wall comprises a matrix of data projectors carefully aligned to throw a tiled image onto the rear of a custom screen. A cluster of powerful computers are required to drive the display. Each computer renders graphics data to workstation levels of detail and controls several projectors.

The system requires a fast network interface to existing data management systems that is capable of retrieving and manipulating large amounts of information at once.

For more information, please contact Professor Matt Bellgard by email ( or phone (08 9360 6088).

The Pawsey Murdoch partner is in the Centre for Comparative Genomics, third floor of the BITL building.