The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre


CSIRO Visualisation

The Pawsey CSIRO ARRC partner provides expertise in visualisation, virtual environments, specialised visualisation hardware, stereoscopic display systems and software video conferencing.

Current projects have an emphasis on geoscience disciplines; such as 3D seismic visualisation and volumetric visualisation of microCT rock scan data. However, researchers in other disciplines are encouraged to discuss their requirements with the facility staff.

Display options include monitor and projector based stereoscopic 3D systems. The latter is offered in visualisation lab configuration with 10 seat capacity.


The Pawsey CSIRO ARRC visualisation facilities include various fixed and portable visualisation display and capture equipment.

Christie Mirage 4K25 stereoscopic projector in the NGL

Christie Mirage 4K25 stereoscopic visualisation system in the Pawsey GWC Interpretive Centre

Room-based visualisation facilities are:

  • the ARRC NGL Vis Lab, located in the ARRC Building, comprises a high resolution 4K x 4K stereoscopic 3D floor to ceiling wall complete with head tracking and 3D input devices.
  • the GWC Interpretive Centre , located in the Pawsey Centre building, comprises a high resolution, large screen rear-projected 4K stereoscopic visualisation system.

Standalone workstations available for visualisation processing and analysis use at the ARRC are:

  • Dell T7600 Precision Windows 7 64-bit workstation that contains dual eight-core 3.10 GHz CPUs, 256GB RAM (192 GB accessible by OS) and 6 GB Nvidia Quadro 6000 graphics card.
  • Dell T7610 Precision Windows 8.1 64-bit workstation that contains dual 12-core 2.7 GHz CPUs, 256 GB RAM,
    4 GB Nvidia Quadro K5000 graphics card and 5 GB Tesla K20 GPU Accelerator card.


Portable display systems available for loan from the ARRC are:

  • 24″ MagicPlanet sphere-shaped display
  • 46″ Samsung 3D TV with 3D Blu-ray player and 3D glasses.
  • 27″ True3d stereoscopic display monitor system with 3D glasses

Portable data capture items for loan from the ARRC include:

  • Panasonic AG-3DA1 professional grade 3D camcorder
  • 5DT data gloves (pair of left and right hand)
  • ASL MobileEye tetherless eyetracker system


The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre currently funds a standalone Avizo Fire license and a bundled Avizo Fire-Avizo Earth license pair, which can be accessed and run in the Vis Lab and on the Vis workstation computers.

A selection of commonly used open source visualisation and analysis software is also loaded on the Vis computers and other commercial software for which researchers provide their own licenses are installed when appropriate and as required.


For more information, please contact:

Dr Andrew Squelch
Senior Visualisation Specialist
Australian Resources Research Centre
26 Dick Perry Avenue
Technology Park
WA 6151

Phone: +61 8 6436 8725
Fax: +61 8 6436 8555