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Project CATAMI

The development of a new, NeCTAR funded, quality tool, CATAMI, has delivered standardised, quantitative estimates of benthic cover and marine species distributions from data collected. By deploying software engineers and programmers to work with leading researchers, Project CATAMI has developed and deployed  an innovative software solution to modify, design and deliver bespoke eResearch tools to effectively manage Australia’s marine imagery and video data.

CATAMI tools are available online through the Australian Ocean Data Network.  This project enables marine ecology to be undertaken more efficiently in Australia and enables marine scientists to focus on the challenging marine research questions of the future.

Project CATAMI is now completed, but as the tools are in production version, they are accessible here.

catami_icon_draft02 copy

During the project, the interactions team had with the Australia community and beyond is still available via the Blog. Project CATAMI tools are now available in a demonstration form. To see what is available, please visit our recent screen captures, available on YouTube,