The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre



TapeCellServicesCropProjects using the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre’s resources often produce seemingly unmanageable amounts of data. Not only does this data need to be stored, but scientific computing places new demands on researchers to curate and share their data, as well as to ensure the value, accuracy and longevity of their results.

In addition to providing data storage for the most demanding research projects, our Data staff help researchers to maximise the potential of these vast data sets through a number of support services including:

  • Identifying and minimising bottlenecks in workflows.
  • Working with researchers to optimise research workflows.
  • Regular training workshops on best-practice methods and technology.

Services Available

The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre currently houses in excess of 40 Petabytes of data storage resources. The Centre also has a new research cloud available to Australian researchers called Nimbus, which provide new facilities for data intensive science, data analytics, machine learning and scientific workflow.

  1. Data Storage

Our Data Team also provides expertise to help researchers fully utilise Pawsey resources and improve the management of their research data. Managing data involves storing the physical data sets, adding and publishing metadata to make data sets discoverable and controlling access to the data. If you’re new to such issues then you may wish browse our Data Guides and Help.