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Artificial intelligence for targeted weed control

By • February 13th, 2018

Food security is one of the major global issues facing researchers and policymakers today, and crop infestation by weeds is one of the biggest threats to grain productivity. Weeds cost Australian grain growers $3.3 billion per year, and cause annual yield losses of 2.7 million tonnes. Currently, the most efficient method of weed control availablemore…

ECU Render farm 2015

By • February 18th, 2015
ECU Render farm 2015

Creating a render farm for Autodesk Maya files enabling Game Design & Animation students to render out animation files utilising the higher end features of the Mental Ray render engine. Features such as Global Illumination & Final Gather take too long to render (sometimes over 5 hours for a single frame) so a render farmmore…