The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre



The CATAMI (Collaborative and Automated Tools for Analysis of Marine Imagery) project is changing the way marine ecologists work with still imagery collected from surveys of benthic habitat.

The ease with which underwater imagery is captured through a range of technologies is creating an explosion of data that researchers are struggling to keep pace with.

To cope with this ever-expanding amount of information, the CATAMI project was initiated to develop a series of data standards to control and manage content, create collaborative tools to manipulate imagery, and automate a number of processes that previously required manual attention.

After two years of development CATAMI is now ready for deployment to the marine science community. The power of the Pawsey Centre allows CATAMI to run its range of analysis tools and to store and manage vast amounts of marine image data.

Prior to CATAMI, Australian marine researchers organised their vast quantities of data using individual different individual formats, resulting in many missing connections between data sets. Using the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre’s considerable expertise and resources, CATAMI combines a standardised classification and annotation system, as well as a web application that provides researchers with a singular location to input, process and compare data.

By allowing researchers across the nation to pool their resources and work in a shared collaborative space, CATAMI hopes to build a unified base of visual marine data that will benefit the nation’s researchers for decades to come.

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