The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre


3D Mineral Map of the Rocklea Dome Channel Iron Deposit


3D visualisation of the Rocklea Dome CID

The Hamersley iron ore province is a major source for Australia’s iron ore resources. Channel Iron Deposits (CIDs) are economically significant formations, providing a major percentage of the iron mined in Western Australia.

The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre’s resources helped to produce and visualise a 3D model of the Rocklea Dome CID in the Hamersley Basin, showing key mineralogical parameters derived from hyper-spectral remote and proximal sensing data. The surface mineral map and subsurface mineral logs display the relative crystallinity of kaolin group minerals (rainbow colour stretch from blue = poorly crystalline to red = well crystalline kaolinite), which are used to model the extent of a CID (white surface). The red surface, enveloped by the white channel surface, represents the actual iron ore resource, and was modelled from hyperspectral drill core logging data, using CSIRO’s HyLoggingTM system.

The 3D mineral maps can be generated from multi- and hyper-spectral data for a variety of mineral deposit types, providing unprecedented mineralogical information for the Australian Resources sector, necessary for advanced mineral exploration and mining. Supercomputing facilities, such as the Pawsey Centre, enable the processing and visualisation of these computationally intensive data.

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