The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre


Pawsey appoints new Head of Supercomputing

The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre is proud to announce the appointment of David Schibeci to the position of Head of Supercomputing team. David was formerly Senior Supercomputing Systems Administrator at Pawsey and has worked in the organisation for 8 years.

David was the senior administrator of the Epic system, iVEC/Pawsey’s first machine to be in the top 100 of the top500 list of the world’s leading supercomputers and it served as Pawsey flagship system for 3 years, delivering excellent service to the Australian research community.

David faced very tough competition from both local and international applicants but he was found to have the best overall skill set.

As part of his role, he will be working toward delivering the best services possible to the research community in Australia and will be key part of Pawsey’s future development.

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