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Bombora installs wave power prototype

Renewable energy technology company Bombora Wave Power has installed a prototype of its wave energy converter off Como Jetty in South Perth. Pawsey Supercomputing Centre Executive Director Dr Neil Stringfellow attended the launch in support of the company, who conducted critical research for the project on Pawsey Centre systems. WA chief scientist Prof Peter Klinken and Treasurer Mike Nahan attended the event, which is intended to attract investors to fund a larger demonstration unit.BombaraLaunch-1-11

The Bombora wave power system is an innovative system that efficiently converts the ocean’s wave energy directly into electricity more effectively and reliably than current alternatives.

Located near to shore and fully submerged on the seabed, the system utilises a large, low cost membrane energy harvester to collect, concentrate and modulate the wave energy through the use of an air circuit. The system has an onboard 1.5MWe rated air turbine generator located within the apex of its Vee-shaped structure. As a wave passes over the system it moves air around the circuit and drives it through the turbine, which in turn spins a generator, creating electricity. This electricity is then delivered onshore via an electrical cable and connected to the distribution network.

The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre’s resources are used to run highly advanced Computational Fluid Dynamic simulations to predict the pressures acting on the membrane, and effects on the wave field. Through the power of supercomputing the output of the device is now able to be predicted accurately and efficiently.

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