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Pawsey Supercomputing Centre rebranding update



Friday, December 5 saw the Hon Donna Faragher MLC announce the beginning of the rebranding of iVEC to the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre in tandem with launching the final stage of the ‘Magnus’ supercomputer.

The retiring of the iVEC brand in favour of the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre is a decision made to leverage the high profile of the Centre with many of our stakeholders and allow us to focus our efforts around its capacity to deliver services locally, nationally and internationally.

At this point, only the name of the organisation has changed. The rebranding is a phased process, which will continue into early 2015. We provide a diverse range of services across different platforms, so the rebranding will be conducted carefully in order to ensure it does not impinge on your access to these resources.

As a result, your access points for our range of services will not be changing at this time. Access should still be conducted through the iVEC portals and Help Desk.

As changes to our internal and external services approach, we will notify you considerably in advance so that you are able to react accordingly. We aim to make this process as smooth as possible so will be gradually phasing things in with the minimum disruption.

If you wish to contact iVEC staff, this can still be done through the existing iVEC email addresses (format:

If you have any questions about the rebranding process, please feel free to email



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