The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre


Cortex (PB Store) Removal from Service – 31 March 2015



Cortex (also known as PB Store) will be removed from service on 31 March 2015.

All data held on Cortex will be inaccessible beyond this time, by any methods and with no exceptions.

If you still require any data being held on Cortex, please move this data to another location as soon as possible.

Please note, Cortex traffic in 2015 is expected to rise sharply and all data transfers will be slower than normal. Therefore, please plan your data migration appropriately and expect to move your data as soon as possible.

If you require additional storage, and your project can meet the terms and conditions for storage as described on the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre website, please fill in an online application.

If you need further information or help, please contact

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